What are you chasing?

As I sit on my back deck during this beautiful spring and listen to the birds singing, the bees buzzing, my girls giggling on the playground I realize how special each day is!  Why, well a good friend of mine Amanda Sutt just lost her dear incredible mother to cancer and her funeral was today – however, it was beautiful celebration of her and who she was!  And I left feeling uplifted and encouraged to be a person who encourages others and believes in others!  As a matter of fact, everyone I come in contact with!  So what I am chasing?  I desire to chase The Lord, chase relationships, chase moments where I can cry with people, laugh with people, share the LOVE OF CHRIST with people…pray with people, listen to people, encourage and challenge people to do their best, be their best and live like this might be your last day!  Amanda’s mother truly did this and I so deeply desire to do this!  Everyone’s story looks different but everyone has a choice of what they are going to chase!  Are you chasing what truly matters in life?  What will matter at your funeral?  Or better yet, who truly matters?  We were created to need others, to need Jesus, to need relationships!  Life is busy, but we have a choice of what to fill it with!  I encourage you each to make a point to fill a portion of your day and take the time to spend it with The Lord, your family, people who are in need, people who you work with, neighbors or even the bagger at Publix!  I did this last week and left Publix in tears with this sweet elderly man who talked to me about his grand-daughter who lived with him because her father had passed away!  I now get to pray for him and that sweet little girl every time I pass a Publix!  I am a BIG DREAMER – as most of you know and I am learning that dreaming BIG is AWESOME but doing the little things are GREAT too!  I am DONE with missing out on the little or big things that the Lord guides me to do!  It is amazing at how FULL it makes your HEART!  We are all called to different things so make whatever you do COUNT!  Do it with a good attitude and remember to LOVE DEEPLY!  Don’t let time pass or waste away, and BELIEVE in yourself!  Regardless of your circumstances, your health, your resources don’t make excuses – just do ALL you can with where you are and what you have been given!  Remember it is okay to stop and sit on the back deck and admire the sweet sounds, the beautiful blooms, and the incredible people surrounding YOU!  I need to do this more and THANK them, share with them what they mean to me, and just love with all my heart!   I don’t want to live with any regrets – because today is a new day that I CAN DO SOMETHING!  I learned that I had wasted a lot of time and energy pouring into things that didn’t matter after I was at my worst with my Lyme flare up! And I don’t want to do that again!  Just make sure you LOVE the Lord, LOVE yourself and LOVE others!  Enjoy this beautiful day!


God’s perfect plan

Well I am really starting to get back into blogging!  There is so much in/on my heart to share and this is one of the ways that I can do it!  I wanted to update everyone about the last year of our life and tell you about a very powerful and divine appointed story that only the Lord can work out!  First of all, my health is GREAT!  Sure at times when I get weak, tired, etc. fear kicks in that I will have a flare up again but as it says in James 1 to count it a JOY when falling into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  (James 1:3-4) So, as most of you know we have been looking for a new house mainly so I didn’t have to climb as many stairs that our town home had and a yard for the girls to be able to play in, oh and a place where we could have thousands of people come to and feel His presence and peace!! So, God has done just that working at least 5 miracles (those are just the ones we actually saw) to get us here! Here is the story…

It was back in Feb 2013 that I was sitting at our church one afternoon talking with some girls about houses and our dreams, etc.  I started sharing how I have always dreamed of a big front porch, a huge yard, a kitchen window so I could look outside and see the sunrise and watch my kids playing, and room for my 2 girls and a child who we would love to adopt!  (another calling from the Lord since I was about 10 years old) So, my friend Layne said you should go look at my grandma’s house, they just put it on the market last month!  So, in my excitement and by the way no patience kind of girl I said since I am coming out there tonight for church can we stop by and look at it?  (even though Billy was working)  Layne and Logan met me out there and as I pulled in the driveway I stopped and tears just came pouring out – my heart filled up so fast and I was losing my breath and shaking – we went in and immediately I began to see my girls running around and playing in the “hideout”, I pictured Billy, working out in the yard, saw the master suite was on the main floor (no stairs for me) it was beyond perfect for us!  It wasn’t new, it wasn’t all updated, but it was the place for us!  I felt it in my heart and yet tried not to get sooo excited!  I knew there would be no way except the true hand of God to work this out!  We went through the process and sadly the door was shut -we thought!  We kept coming to look at it, did prayer circles around it and fortunately it was still on the market!  Months passed and several contracts on the house fell through!  Finally in June 2013 Layne’s parents and the realtor said Ann and Billy must be really tight with the Lord cause we just cannot believe how many contracts have fallen through, they had cash offers, etc and something always happened to just not work out!  We tried again and decided to put our house on the market!  Since we bought in 2007 right before the crash we had lost a lot of money on it so really needed a certain amount which was not even what it got appraised for which again would have to be another miracle!  So, it was a Tuesday and we put our house on the market like 2 days before and their was a contract on the house we dreamed to be our home that was going to be finished on Friday unless we could sell ours!  So, that morning I woke up and was taking the girls somewhere and I just said “God if this is your will and this is the house you have for us bring someone to look at our house today and bring a buyer too!  Literally a few minutes later I got a call from our realtor and he said there was someone coming to look tonight!  Then got another call later that night saying they are putting an offer on our town home in the morning!  Surprised yes, but experiencing the Lord in this way – TRULY INCREDIBLE!! Again, many many hurdles later – 

1. mold was in the basement (lymies cannot handle mold) 

2. issues with the sale of our town home 

3. issues with our loan, etc. 

We finally closed and were able to truly call our new “yellow” house the Clarks house!! I think I have missed several amazing moments but thought it was long enough and truly it is a little piece of heaven to us!  The people involved in this whole process, the prayer warriors and truly many miracles happening is why we are here!  We put limits on things but the God we serve is limitless!  And He showed us in many ways during this year!  From the very first night we moved in it felt like our home and we haven’t looked back one day!  God is BIGGER than any of the issues or problems we thought we couldn’t get passed!  One thing I learned from this is that when God brings light to an idea/dream, etc RUN AND DON’T STOP with that dream!  The Lord wants us to experience miracles and amazing life stories yet I know I have missed out on many due to my fears, the enemies lies or just being stuck in a box that is not of the Lord! So, I encourage you to listen to the Lord, seek His will and chase HIM – you will be on an adventure filled with ups, downs, trials and joys but it will be worth it!  I PROMISE YOU THAT!! 

Thanks for listening to this story! Here are a few pictures to get a glimpse of our sweet country house!! Image




We were made to be…

COURAGEOUS in the LORD!! Looking life in the eyes – at the joys, the sorrows, the surprises, the trials, the memories good and bad GOD STILL REMAINS!! He calls us to be courageous and fight with His armor! We are nothing without Him and my life is a true testimony to that! Walking through this life with Chronic Lyme Disease and being in remission now while hearing from many many others just learning of their CLD they have been diagnosed with brings joy and tears! Joy as the Lord has allowed me to be that person to so many who call when fear hits, when they don’t know what to do or where to go when they feel so helpless! That’s where God shines because HE PROMISES TO BE WITH US NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHEN, NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE! And I get to share that with them! I can’t take away the pain or the fear but I can prove to them that God is there and never leaves! He will get them through each day, each minute of pain, each second of nausea, each step they can’t take on their own, etc. etc etc…through this time of remission and some little flare-ups I have learned that even on my best days I still need HIM more than ever and need to wake up every day asking the Lord for HIS strength and for HIS Joy to shine through in my life! I do not know what tomorrow holds but I do know who to put my faith and trust in tomorrow and every day after and that is Jesus Christ! He will never run from any mess you’ve gotten yourself in, He will never leave you but is pursuing you-  let Him in and see what beauty He brings to your life!  Whether you have lyme disease, cancer or a broken heart call upon Him!  He is already waiting with open arms!  He loves you more than you can imagine!

Please continue to pray for our family as we continue to walk through this and many other family friends who are dealing with CLD or other health issues!  The power of prayer is one of the most amazing things I have been able to be a part of and I would love to pray for you!  If you have a prayer request or praise I would love to join you in praying and lifting you up to the Lord daily!  Please email me at annrclark@gmail.com

My mottos these past few months:

I want to put my hope in God’s Word – Get my eyes off of what I am going through and turn to Him!  Fixing my eyes on Him not the problems or pains!  He can handle it and work it out way better than I can!

God’s Time – God’s Way – For God’s Glory

For nothing is impossible with God – Luke 1:37

DELIGHT (wow what a cool word) yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart – Psalm 37:4

Well hope this has been an enjoyable and encouraging read!  Hope to keep more up to date in my blog!

Shining in His Light, Ann


Tick Removal
Improper removal of ticks greatly increases the risk of acquiring tick-borne infections. Squeezing the tick or putting substances on the tick to try to make it “back out” may aggravate it enough that it injects into you whatever disease organisms are inside it.

• Do not burn or use any substance on tick
• Do not grasp, squeeze, or twist body of tick
• Grasp tick close to the skin with tweezers
• Pull tick straight out
• Use antiseptic on skin
• Disinfect tweezers
• Wash hands thoroughly
• Always see a physician for possible diagnosis, testing, and treatment
• If desired, can save tick for testing, preferably alive, in a zippered plastic bag or a closed container with a moist cotton ball.

If you would like to send it in to a research facility to get tested to see if it carries the disease contact me or you can find it online too.

Just sending little reminders as May is LYME AWARENESS MONTH!

Praying for all the many lymies out there! Keep fighting, you can do it! Let God help you!

Looking back

As I just went through and read all my posts from last year I stand in awe of the GREAT and AWESOME God we serve.  Tears definetly flowed like Niagra Falls -tears of pain and joy as I am able to sit here now and type of God’s healing touch on my life and in my body.  I encourage you all to start if you don’t already a blog or prayer journal of your life and the incredible presence of the Lord we are able to have daily.  I am here to say that God is ABLE, God is REAL, God is DIVINE, God is HOLY, God is Truth and God is LOVE!  Those of you who saw me last year at this time would be able to agree that without God I would not be here today and I would not be where I am today!  I wouldn’t take those years back despite the hard long road we endured and could again endure I suppose.  (I am in remission – God is in control of all of that and I will trust Him and make it daily only because of Him and His strength) I have never quite experienced the desperate feeling of needing help on so many levels as I did at my worst last year; and yet I was still able to fight like I never have before as God was with me to carry me through each minute of every day and every painful step my body took.  My first and most important mission is to share to all that nothing is truly to its fullest without the Lord God on your side!  I became so close with God through this journey and stillness that I feel privileged to have gone through it.  Not everyone gets to deal with crummy health and yet in those moments God showed up everyday because I sought after HIM, I cried out to HIM, I needed HIM and He RESCUED ME!  He is a God who wants to be with all of His children and allow them to live their lives to the fullest but He isn’t a God who forces it on anyone!  He wants a relationship with you! He LOVES YOU!  He wants to bless your socks off and show you His unconditional love and perfect way!  I want that and I hope everyone will see the miracles of Jesus and the love that only HE can give in my life and through my story!  What is your story?  I would love to hear it! Start writing it today and talking with God, you will be AMAZED at what He will speak to you and where your writing will take you!  It is so fun to look back and see where you were and when HE picked you up, when HE held your hand, when HE healed you, when HE walked with you, when HE answered you only in better ways that you could imagine!  HE wants to be part of your story!  He wants to—-you wont be sorry you let HIM! I PROMISE!! 


“DO NOT BE AFRAID, For I am with you. Hear me saying Peace, be still to your restless heart. No matter what happens, I will never leave you or forsake you.” – Jesus

Let this assurance soak into your mind and heart, until you overflow with JOY!  Though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, you need not fear.  – This is another reminder to myself and you from God that we need not fear.  As I have recently talked to several new lymies my heart aches with them as they share their story with me!  Yet time and time again this goes through my mind daily…and no matter what your day, health or job may look like keep this in mind; God is for you not against you!  God wants the best for us- ask Him, seek Him in your times of fear or sickness and He will be there!  I am returning from my “sabaticle” (not sure how to spell it) from blogging!  The past 6 months have been getting better and better.  Yes, I’ve had flare ups but thats typical for chronic lyme and although I felt small pieces of me being healed by my Savior I try to let my anxious heart not be stirred too much when I start to have a small one.  I will never forget where I was during my walker/wheelchair days and I am still forever grateful for all that I was able to learn through that difficult time.  I am one that wants to rescue people from pain, hurt, etc and so I think what I learned several times is that we have 1 true healer, 1 true God who can make the mountains move and heal the blind…I need to let Him!  I had to let go of alot of control and running the show of parenting, parties, etc. to see that I need to do it with Him and the results will even be more INCREDIBLE!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much God taught me during these past few years and when I was at my weakest was when He gave me strength like never before…maybe not in a physical point of view but definetly mental and emotional.  I felt the urge to start blogging again and just post whatever is going or what the Lord has put on my heart! 

Lots of love and happy Saturday!  


Dancing this Disease Away

Well for the past few months I have felt Good, felt alive, felt healthy, felt like Ann again!  A good friend just said the other day the spunky, sassy, fun Ann is back…and it made me feel so good!  Actually Billy and I just got in from working out for the first time in I have no clue how long!  It felt wonderful!  As my dad likes to tell people…”Ann was in a wheelchair in June, walker in July and yes went waterskiing in August.”  God is my healer and I will forever be grateful!  I was able to walk to the park with the girls last week and just slowly bringing “me” back!  I have been cooking, baking, cleaning, painting, doing projects, and just feel like I am back in my body.  As far as the treatment plan we are doing now is from Dr. Marty Ross using the herbs samento and banderol together that act as the deoxycline to continue to kill off the nasty spirochetes along with the sauna to detox and supplements I am taking.  We are still taking one day at a time and do not know if we are 100% out of the woods but we are so thankful that at least we know God lead us to the right treatments for my body and we have gotten in under control so I can “live” again!  I would encourage every person no matter what your battle might be to never lose sight of God and is goodness.  I still wake up asking for His strength and Joy and His guidance.  Never give up!  Keep on running this race with God who loves you and knows you more than you know yourself.  It is easy to rely on Him when you have too…when you are stuck in bed, have no energy, pain all over your body, crazy loss of memory and feel trapped in someone else’s body…yet when we feel good and powerful we tend not to need Him or seek Him as much!  I encourage you to always listen to His voice, His Word as you go throughout your day rather than what the worlds says or even people trying to lead you down a road that is more comfortable for them.  Several times throughout this journey people tried to tell us it won’t work and to do something more accepted and yet never did I have a peace from the Lord to do anything different than what we did.  I am so thankful for my husband that stood by me regardless and researched and listened to the Lord too as what to do with this and where to go next.  We are still working on the non-profit, book, documentary, etc. but also just trying to get back into being the mom, wife and friend I couldn’t be when I was stuck in this disease.  We can never express how thankful we are for the prayers coming all over the world for us and to see the power of the Lord work during this time.  We hope to return the favor back to 10,000 more people in some way!  As for now, I am going to go pick up my girls from school and dance to “girls just wanna have fun” giggling and laughing like no one is watching or the whole world is watching…God’s JOY is in my heart and I want to share it with everyone! 

Love you all, Ann 

more news, more treatments, more guidance

Have been in need of updating my blog and yet life has gotten in the way!  It’s interesting when you have all the time in the world because you are stuck in bed and when you are able to go more life gets crazy!  I guess that is a good sign for me!  There has been lots going on- talks with other doctors, discussions of what to do next, lots of talks with other lymies and their treatment plans…some that have worked, others that have not and what is so hard that we are finding is that for those of us lymies that have had this viscous thing for so long there is no FOR SURE, YOU WILL BE CURED,  whether you COMBINE ANTIBIOTICS WITH ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT, ONLY ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT, ONLY ANTIBIOTICS treatment plan that works for everyone.  Everyone is different, ever persons body responds differently, every lyme disease and co-infection is treated differently…WHY?  No one really knows!  That is the hard part!  Who do you trust?  What do you do?  Where do you go to find that trust?  Well, for me I have found it from God…God has given me the ability to not question Him with WHY or WHEN or even HOW (although it is hard to know what to do) but He has given me a peace of mind to know that He is in control!  He knows what will work best for my body even when others question what we are doing and how we are treating it.  We are going from where He guides us, who He leads us to and the journey He is still taking us on.  Am I better?  Some days!  Am I cured?  Not yet!  The important thing I have come to learn through this is that God has me in HIS ARMS!  Am I nervous?  Sure at times!  Do I get anxious?  Yes, often but do I dwell on it – NEVER!  God has 100% given me HIS WORD that I know I will be healed one day!  When?  I have no clue and honestly I’m not worried about it!  This disease in my life has given me a total new look on life, on friendships, on my relationship and faith in God, on raising my girls, and on my relationship with my husband.  We live in a world where unless you are just thrown on the ground with cancer or an illness or a very hard battle to fight we find ourselves able to live without the need of the Lord on many levels.  We worry about such small things and think we deserve everything.  I have even found on my good days, I don’t “need” Him near as much.  I count it a great blessing to have gone through this and still be going through it!  Life is much more meaningful and not that the small things aren’t or can’t upset you but again it puts things in perspective and usually brings light to something God has been trying to teach you for years!    Do you focus on the problem or on maybe where God is taking us and how He is guiding us and using us through the problems.  It’s like I was reading about this guy who was diagnosed with luekemia and his outlook on this was not to be in sorrow and pity for himself but to reach out to all the others dealing with this problems. it was his assignment!  And I thought wow, there has been over 100 people that I have connected with since I was diagnosed and never would have met them if I did not have Lyme Disease!  How cool?  It’s all part of God’s plan!  I am in awe of the daily miracles that happen in our life that I maybe used to not even think of them as a miracle but of something that just is part of my life and what happens everyday!  Well not really…there is so much more that we don’t see everyday because we choose not to!  Have you ever thought about that?  We spend so much time worrying and focusing on things that don’t really matter and we miss SO MUCH!  I know I have missed so much and slowing I am beginning to see small glimpes of hope is so many others lives and in ours that I would have missed if it weren’t for going through what I am going through now!  We are so blessed!  So beyond what so many people could imagine having in life and are we even thankful?  We lose touch and focus I think.  I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad but it is often as the persecuted Christians say throughout the world there is JOY even in our beating, and in a place where you can’t get any closer to death but there is JOY, LOVE, FORGIVENESS in their hearts!  I want that! And through this I have been given a very very small glimpse of totally relying on the Lord’s strength and joy rather than my own!  God wants us to be filled with Joy, and goodness but many times what we think or the world portrays as good and true is not even close to the TRUE JOY and GOODNESS God can give!  

Anyways, the girls start school tomorrow and I am starting some more treatments.  We are not going to the University of Columbia this week now as it was very expensive and 4 people we talked to that went said it is not worth it as it is a repeat of what I have already done.  So, we are working with our doctor and doing some new treatment plans that another lyme literate doctor is using as we are working together with lots of LLD’s.  

Thank you for your continued prayers, for your love and support!  We are doing what we believe is best at this time!  Several lymie friends that have been through this for some 20 years have learned to treat it and live with it yet not cure it.  There are flare ups that come!  Then some others are cured, and some still seeking to be much much better and are at loss as they have tried everything!  So please continue to pray for all the decisions we have to make to keep me healthy and my immune strong.  We love you all and are so grateful for all of our incredible friends!  

Love and hugs, Ann 

Good days

Well I have hit my record of good days since who knows when which is so exciting.  I will never take advantage of playing with my girls and having dance parties and chasing them.  At least I pray that won’t become a normal to me as I prayed to God when leaving south Africa 6 years ago to never let me forget the faces, the smells, the beauty, the pain as long as I live.  Having these good days gives me so much energy that billy has to keep on a leash…I want to go run to the ends of the earth and do this and help with that and become involved with this.  However, this year is dedicated to us, to have our family back and to really take hold of the precious gifts of each day and not to busy ourselves with all the craziness this world offers.  I am talking as if I will only get better and not fall back into a Lyme episode if you will.  Many people go into remission so as I said ONE DAY AT A TIME. 


I went to the grocery story with both girls this week, something I hadn’t done in a long time and felt like a new women, in a new grocery store but with my kids…it was a very strange sense almost as if trying to find a new identity in myself.  I forgot what it feels like to feel good and normal.  So I will take it. I haven’t updated my blog in a few weeks for several reasons.  

1. I have been busy…grocery shopping, going to my cousin Laura’s wedding in Illinois and cleaning my house!  (not watching Billy or my mom do it for once)  So if I come over and start cleaning your house just let me even if it is clean! 

2. We went to an infectious disease Dr. Through our insurance and for once in 2 years they listened and tried to understand and wanted to help.  She ran more tests, was very intrigued by my health and my history…you could see her head spinning almost like I am one of those patients you read about in med school but never actually get one…well here I am honey!  And I loved her!  She truly cared and wants to help, didn’t turn an eye, didn’t tell me that I didn’t have chronic lyme disease because it doesn’t exist, she listened and has been pro-active in helping us.  So we are grateful!  Still searching and waiting for some more answers. 

3. We have been praying about what direction we need to take next.  Again, Lyme is so individualized that I just spoke with a classmate of mine from Taylor who has it and his family has all responded differently do treatments.  Which is what makes having this disease so hard because what works for someone might or might NOT work for me.  So what do you try, what do you not try? It is a whirlwind!  

4.  I got my sauna!  I actaully just got out of it and love love love it!  So refreshing for me!  SO SO SO nice to not have to call somewhere, schedule an appointment, make sure Billy or someone can keep the girls and drive 40 minutes to go!  Oh, I love it!  

Since I have been feeling better I have had a new excitement for almost like “starting over” with Billy, our girls, cooking, family traditions, nightly rituals, etc.  Almost like I am back in my own body…and that is where Billy is like Ann, hold on and don’t just hop on the horse and start sprinting but get to know your horse, sit on her, walk and trot…take care of the small things first and remember, its one day at a time still!  We aren’t out of the woods yet!  Which is so true, but I am just having a little excitement….

I am excited to start cooking and baking again for my family.  I am excited to start working out again and taking walks.  I am excited to run around outside chasing my girls and rolling down hills with them and laughing so hard our belly’s hurt.  I am excited to celebrate life in good or bad days!  I just have felt so trapped for so long that I am full force.  (yet with a cautious flag in my hand)  So, here are my goals for myself during this “feeling good” time –

-To enjoy cooking and cleaning for my family and this beautiful home God has given us.  

-To focus on getting my immune system back to strong – eating what I need to eat, exercising like I need to exercise, staying as stress free as possible.  

-To still wake up asking God to fill me with His Joy and His Strength  (you know it is crazy when you feel good it is so much harder to depend on Him, because you don’t need Him as much)  

-To make my health and my family #1 priority.  Sorry if this sounds selfish to some but I can’t do much or help others until I myself am healthy and able.  So if I say no, or don’t get involved in something you would like me to do that is most likely why…I want to do more, much more soon but have to take care of myself to ultimately be at a place to step out and help others.  (this is going to be very hard for me) 

-To sit at the dining room table for our meals again!  It has been so long since we have done this regularly due to me being on the couch, no energy, or just easier to sit at the breakfast bar.  I have missed having the fun memories you have at a dining room table.  So I am excited even for this!  

I know this blog sounds like I am free of Lyme and cured, yet we have no clue if I am…but today I am flying high!  Soaring above this sickness that has had me down for way too long and embracing this day of feeling good!  I hope tomorrow and the rest of my life is like this but know that regardless God is soaring with me whether in a deep valley or high above the mountains.  


Okay, again I have gone on and on and can’t even remember what I wrote at the beginning as I have rambled all over the place!  But thank you for your constant love and prayers!  

Many blessings to you all, Ann Richelle 


The night was filled with just this…Image


We truly were blown away when we walked into the “Let’s Fight Lyme” Benefit that our dear friends did for us.  It was a perfect evening filled with unexpressable (I’m not sure if that’s a word) words and joy!  Billy and I didn’t really know who or what to expect as everything was a “surprise”.  So seeing each person walk in took my breath away and I was filled with tears and joy inside.  The evening was filled with laughter, tons of delicious food, beautiful decorations and alot of lime green!  Most importantly I’ve never experienced the power and presence of the Lord at a social party like this.  Thank you everyone for allowing Him in and making Him center stage!  We were blown away by the coming together of community and love and how every little person and every dollar helps in ways you will never know.  So thankful my lifelong best friend, Heather was able to come for it as the out of town guest and be part of this incredible evening.  On the way, I said to Billy, “I wish I would have thought to get a photographer for this just to capture every moment,” Well good thing Courtney, Brit and Joy know me so well because we walked in and click, click, click…there was a tall man standing there with a gigantic camera shooting away!  Again, BLOWN AWAY!  The decorations, the food, the details, the sharing and praying over us again – BLOWN AWAY!  Honestly the pictures give the best description of the evening as it is so hard to express the joy, love, presence of God, community, and laughter and tears there was there!  Then we were BLOWN AWAY by the financial generosity of every person.  God is so good and He truly does provide!  Billy has such a heavy brick lifted off of his chest as we have been experiencing such an immense amount of financial stress through having this disease!  Every dollar helps and we are so beyond grateful!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  

These were all the volunteers that did everything – the food, the decor, set the mood, had a special spot during the event and LOVED!!



Gotta Love the lyme and aqua nails that came to support as well! Image

There are tons more pictures on Facebook if you would like to look at them too at this link: 


Also, we want to thank everyone of you publicly who gave to our medical donations account.  You will never know the investment you have given to us.  We love you!  Please continue to pray for us as we have some big decisions that we need to make, some hard things we have to face!  Oh, I got my walker!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I ordered of course, an aqua one but the 1st website it was shipped then on back order, so we tried another website (Thanks Momma C) and they said it had shipped then got a call saying it was on back order so I gave in a little and we went and bought on at a medical supply store here!  It’s not aqua but it works and thanks to Heather as she helped me decorate it and make it mine!! Which we didn’t get a good picture of it so that will come!! It has been so helpful so on days when my joints hurt so bad I don’t have to walk as funny and I can sit when I need to and get support from it, also Elliana and Emersyn Rose can fit on the seat together!  So it is a walker/stroller!  PERFECT for us!  

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my last post or not but we did get some blood results back and my count was significantly higher, which is a very very good thing!  We are so encouraged as that shows we are doing the right thing!  

Now I have 3 co-infections – Babesia, Bartonella and mycoplasma so we will really focus on those here too!  

Please pray for our girls!  We are doing more blood work on them in the next few weeks!  


1. We are going to Hilton Head with Billy’s family for the week! 

2. When we get back my sauna will be here!  Again thank you for helping us get this!  I cannot wait! 

3. God is our HEALER!  He is healing my body!  Still not there yet but soon and very soon! 

I have talked to a few other people that have been diagnosed with LD and feel very encouraged as several of them had tried everything and it seems that what we are doing is the best choice for chronic lyme disease!  

Thanks for all your love, support and continued prayers! 

Filled with a very happy and heavy heart, Ann 

P.S. The logo at the top of the blog is the logo that we have decided on and we are so happy and thankful to Amanda Sutt!  Also, we showed the trailer at the benefit and we will be putting in on here later today too!