Tick Removal
Improper removal of ticks greatly increases the risk of acquiring tick-borne infections. Squeezing the tick or putting substances on the tick to try to make it “back out” may aggravate it enough that it injects into you whatever disease organisms are inside it.

• Do not burn or use any substance on tick
• Do not grasp, squeeze, or twist body of tick
• Grasp tick close to the skin with tweezers
• Pull tick straight out
• Use antiseptic on skin
• Disinfect tweezers
• Wash hands thoroughly
• Always see a physician for possible diagnosis, testing, and treatment
• If desired, can save tick for testing, preferably alive, in a zippered plastic bag or a closed container with a moist cotton ball.

If you would like to send it in to a research facility to get tested to see if it carries the disease contact me or you can find it online too.

Just sending little reminders as May is LYME AWARENESS MONTH!

Praying for all the many lymies out there! Keep fighting, you can do it! Let God help you!


Looking back

As I just went through and read all my posts from last year I stand in awe of the GREAT and AWESOME God we serve.  Tears definetly flowed like Niagra Falls -tears of pain and joy as I am able to sit here now and type of God’s healing touch on my life and in my body.  I encourage you all to start if you don’t already a blog or prayer journal of your life and the incredible presence of the Lord we are able to have daily.  I am here to say that God is ABLE, God is REAL, God is DIVINE, God is HOLY, God is Truth and God is LOVE!  Those of you who saw me last year at this time would be able to agree that without God I would not be here today and I would not be where I am today!  I wouldn’t take those years back despite the hard long road we endured and could again endure I suppose.  (I am in remission – God is in control of all of that and I will trust Him and make it daily only because of Him and His strength) I have never quite experienced the desperate feeling of needing help on so many levels as I did at my worst last year; and yet I was still able to fight like I never have before as God was with me to carry me through each minute of every day and every painful step my body took.  My first and most important mission is to share to all that nothing is truly to its fullest without the Lord God on your side!  I became so close with God through this journey and stillness that I feel privileged to have gone through it.  Not everyone gets to deal with crummy health and yet in those moments God showed up everyday because I sought after HIM, I cried out to HIM, I needed HIM and He RESCUED ME!  He is a God who wants to be with all of His children and allow them to live their lives to the fullest but He isn’t a God who forces it on anyone!  He wants a relationship with you! He LOVES YOU!  He wants to bless your socks off and show you His unconditional love and perfect way!  I want that and I hope everyone will see the miracles of Jesus and the love that only HE can give in my life and through my story!  What is your story?  I would love to hear it! Start writing it today and talking with God, you will be AMAZED at what He will speak to you and where your writing will take you!  It is so fun to look back and see where you were and when HE picked you up, when HE held your hand, when HE healed you, when HE walked with you, when HE answered you only in better ways that you could imagine!  HE wants to be part of your story!  He wants to—-you wont be sorry you let HIM! I PROMISE!!