Dancing this Disease Away

Well for the past few months I have felt Good, felt alive, felt healthy, felt like Ann again!  A good friend just said the other day the spunky, sassy, fun Ann is back…and it made me feel so good!  Actually Billy and I just got in from working out for the first time in I have no clue how long!  It felt wonderful!  As my dad likes to tell people…”Ann was in a wheelchair in June, walker in July and yes went waterskiing in August.”  God is my healer and I will forever be grateful!  I was able to walk to the park with the girls last week and just slowly bringing “me” back!  I have been cooking, baking, cleaning, painting, doing projects, and just feel like I am back in my body.  As far as the treatment plan we are doing now is from Dr. Marty Ross using the herbs samento and banderol together that act as the deoxycline to continue to kill off the nasty spirochetes along with the sauna to detox and supplements I am taking.  We are still taking one day at a time and do not know if we are 100% out of the woods but we are so thankful that at least we know God lead us to the right treatments for my body and we have gotten in under control so I can “live” again!  I would encourage every person no matter what your battle might be to never lose sight of God and is goodness.  I still wake up asking for His strength and Joy and His guidance.  Never give up!  Keep on running this race with God who loves you and knows you more than you know yourself.  It is easy to rely on Him when you have too…when you are stuck in bed, have no energy, pain all over your body, crazy loss of memory and feel trapped in someone else’s body…yet when we feel good and powerful we tend not to need Him or seek Him as much!  I encourage you to always listen to His voice, His Word as you go throughout your day rather than what the worlds says or even people trying to lead you down a road that is more comfortable for them.  Several times throughout this journey people tried to tell us it won’t work and to do something more accepted and yet never did I have a peace from the Lord to do anything different than what we did.  I am so thankful for my husband that stood by me regardless and researched and listened to the Lord too as what to do with this and where to go next.  We are still working on the non-profit, book, documentary, etc. but also just trying to get back into being the mom, wife and friend I couldn’t be when I was stuck in this disease.  We can never express how thankful we are for the prayers coming all over the world for us and to see the power of the Lord work during this time.  We hope to return the favor back to 10,000 more people in some way!  As for now, I am going to go pick up my girls from school and dance to “girls just wanna have fun” giggling and laughing like no one is watching or the whole world is watching…God’s JOY is in my heart and I want to share it with everyone! 

Love you all, Ann