What are you chasing?

As I sit on my back deck during this beautiful spring and listen to the birds singing, the bees buzzing, my girls giggling on the playground I realize how special each day is!  Why, well a good friend of mine Amanda Sutt just lost her dear incredible mother to cancer and her funeral was today – however, it was beautiful celebration of her and who she was!  And I left feeling uplifted and encouraged to be a person who encourages others and believes in others!  As a matter of fact, everyone I come in contact with!  So what I am chasing?  I desire to chase The Lord, chase relationships, chase moments where I can cry with people, laugh with people, share the LOVE OF CHRIST with people…pray with people, listen to people, encourage and challenge people to do their best, be their best and live like this might be your last day!  Amanda’s mother truly did this and I so deeply desire to do this!  Everyone’s story looks different but everyone has a choice of what they are going to chase!  Are you chasing what truly matters in life?  What will matter at your funeral?  Or better yet, who truly matters?  We were created to need others, to need Jesus, to need relationships!  Life is busy, but we have a choice of what to fill it with!  I encourage you each to make a point to fill a portion of your day and take the time to spend it with The Lord, your family, people who are in need, people who you work with, neighbors or even the bagger at Publix!  I did this last week and left Publix in tears with this sweet elderly man who talked to me about his grand-daughter who lived with him because her father had passed away!  I now get to pray for him and that sweet little girl every time I pass a Publix!  I am a BIG DREAMER – as most of you know and I am learning that dreaming BIG is AWESOME but doing the little things are GREAT too!  I am DONE with missing out on the little or big things that the Lord guides me to do!  It is amazing at how FULL it makes your HEART!  We are all called to different things so make whatever you do COUNT!  Do it with a good attitude and remember to LOVE DEEPLY!  Don’t let time pass or waste away, and BELIEVE in yourself!  Regardless of your circumstances, your health, your resources don’t make excuses – just do ALL you can with where you are and what you have been given!  Remember it is okay to stop and sit on the back deck and admire the sweet sounds, the beautiful blooms, and the incredible people surrounding YOU!  I need to do this more and THANK them, share with them what they mean to me, and just love with all my heart!   I don’t want to live with any regrets – because today is a new day that I CAN DO SOMETHING!  I learned that I had wasted a lot of time and energy pouring into things that didn’t matter after I was at my worst with my Lyme flare up! And I don’t want to do that again!  Just make sure you LOVE the Lord, LOVE yourself and LOVE others!  Enjoy this beautiful day!