God’s perfect plan

Well I am really starting to get back into blogging!  There is so much in/on my heart to share and this is one of the ways that I can do it!  I wanted to update everyone about the last year of our life and tell you about a very powerful and divine appointed story that only the Lord can work out!  First of all, my health is GREAT!  Sure at times when I get weak, tired, etc. fear kicks in that I will have a flare up again but as it says in James 1 to count it a JOY when falling into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  (James 1:3-4) So, as most of you know we have been looking for a new house mainly so I didn’t have to climb as many stairs that our town home had and a yard for the girls to be able to play in, oh and a place where we could have thousands of people come to and feel His presence and peace!! So, God has done just that working at least 5 miracles (those are just the ones we actually saw) to get us here! Here is the story…

It was back in Feb 2013 that I was sitting at our church one afternoon talking with some girls about houses and our dreams, etc.  I started sharing how I have always dreamed of a big front porch, a huge yard, a kitchen window so I could look outside and see the sunrise and watch my kids playing, and room for my 2 girls and a child who we would love to adopt!  (another calling from the Lord since I was about 10 years old) So, my friend Layne said you should go look at my grandma’s house, they just put it on the market last month!  So, in my excitement and by the way no patience kind of girl I said since I am coming out there tonight for church can we stop by and look at it?  (even though Billy was working)  Layne and Logan met me out there and as I pulled in the driveway I stopped and tears just came pouring out – my heart filled up so fast and I was losing my breath and shaking – we went in and immediately I began to see my girls running around and playing in the “hideout”, I pictured Billy, working out in the yard, saw the master suite was on the main floor (no stairs for me) it was beyond perfect for us!  It wasn’t new, it wasn’t all updated, but it was the place for us!  I felt it in my heart and yet tried not to get sooo excited!  I knew there would be no way except the true hand of God to work this out!  We went through the process and sadly the door was shut -we thought!  We kept coming to look at it, did prayer circles around it and fortunately it was still on the market!  Months passed and several contracts on the house fell through!  Finally in June 2013 Layne’s parents and the realtor said Ann and Billy must be really tight with the Lord cause we just cannot believe how many contracts have fallen through, they had cash offers, etc and something always happened to just not work out!  We tried again and decided to put our house on the market!  Since we bought in 2007 right before the crash we had lost a lot of money on it so really needed a certain amount which was not even what it got appraised for which again would have to be another miracle!  So, it was a Tuesday and we put our house on the market like 2 days before and their was a contract on the house we dreamed to be our home that was going to be finished on Friday unless we could sell ours!  So, that morning I woke up and was taking the girls somewhere and I just said “God if this is your will and this is the house you have for us bring someone to look at our house today and bring a buyer too!  Literally a few minutes later I got a call from our realtor and he said there was someone coming to look tonight!  Then got another call later that night saying they are putting an offer on our town home in the morning!  Surprised yes, but experiencing the Lord in this way – TRULY INCREDIBLE!! Again, many many hurdles later – 

1. mold was in the basement (lymies cannot handle mold) 

2. issues with the sale of our town home 

3. issues with our loan, etc. 

We finally closed and were able to truly call our new “yellow” house the Clarks house!! I think I have missed several amazing moments but thought it was long enough and truly it is a little piece of heaven to us!  The people involved in this whole process, the prayer warriors and truly many miracles happening is why we are here!  We put limits on things but the God we serve is limitless!  And He showed us in many ways during this year!  From the very first night we moved in it felt like our home and we haven’t looked back one day!  God is BIGGER than any of the issues or problems we thought we couldn’t get passed!  One thing I learned from this is that when God brings light to an idea/dream, etc RUN AND DON’T STOP with that dream!  The Lord wants us to experience miracles and amazing life stories yet I know I have missed out on many due to my fears, the enemies lies or just being stuck in a box that is not of the Lord! So, I encourage you to listen to the Lord, seek His will and chase HIM – you will be on an adventure filled with ups, downs, trials and joys but it will be worth it!  I PROMISE YOU THAT!! 

Thanks for listening to this story! Here are a few pictures to get a glimpse of our sweet country house!! Image





About letsfightlyme

First of all, I am blessed. I serve and love a God who gives me strength each day to keep going, provides all my needs, loves me and gives me HOPE each new day. I have an incredible best friend, my husband Billy who is fighting this battle with me daily. We have 2 beautiful girls that are our most incredible treasures to love and I have lyme disease.

One response to “God’s perfect plan

  1. Kimberley

    Your house is charming and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story of God’s faithfulness and blessings! He really can overcome every hurdle that we see. You and Billy are very deserving of wonderful blessings as you are both great examples of Christ’s faithful servants. We’re very happy for you.
    – Kim and Tim

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