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We truly were blown away when we walked into the “Let’s Fight Lyme” Benefit that our dear friends did for us.  It was a perfect evening filled with unexpressable (I’m not sure if that’s a word) words and joy!  Billy and I didn’t really know who or what to expect as everything was a “surprise”.  So seeing each person walk in took my breath away and I was filled with tears and joy inside.  The evening was filled with laughter, tons of delicious food, beautiful decorations and alot of lime green!  Most importantly I’ve never experienced the power and presence of the Lord at a social party like this.  Thank you everyone for allowing Him in and making Him center stage!  We were blown away by the coming together of community and love and how every little person and every dollar helps in ways you will never know.  So thankful my lifelong best friend, Heather was able to come for it as the out of town guest and be part of this incredible evening.  On the way, I said to Billy, “I wish I would have thought to get a photographer for this just to capture every moment,” Well good thing Courtney, Brit and Joy know me so well because we walked in and click, click, click…there was a tall man standing there with a gigantic camera shooting away!  Again, BLOWN AWAY!  The decorations, the food, the details, the sharing and praying over us again – BLOWN AWAY!  Honestly the pictures give the best description of the evening as it is so hard to express the joy, love, presence of God, community, and laughter and tears there was there!  Then we were BLOWN AWAY by the financial generosity of every person.  God is so good and He truly does provide!  Billy has such a heavy brick lifted off of his chest as we have been experiencing such an immense amount of financial stress through having this disease!  Every dollar helps and we are so beyond grateful!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  

These were all the volunteers that did everything – the food, the decor, set the mood, had a special spot during the event and LOVED!!



Gotta Love the lyme and aqua nails that came to support as well! Image

There are tons more pictures on Facebook if you would like to look at them too at this link:

Also, we want to thank everyone of you publicly who gave to our medical donations account.  You will never know the investment you have given to us.  We love you!  Please continue to pray for us as we have some big decisions that we need to make, some hard things we have to face!  Oh, I got my walker!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I ordered of course, an aqua one but the 1st website it was shipped then on back order, so we tried another website (Thanks Momma C) and they said it had shipped then got a call saying it was on back order so I gave in a little and we went and bought on at a medical supply store here!  It’s not aqua but it works and thanks to Heather as she helped me decorate it and make it mine!! Which we didn’t get a good picture of it so that will come!! It has been so helpful so on days when my joints hurt so bad I don’t have to walk as funny and I can sit when I need to and get support from it, also Elliana and Emersyn Rose can fit on the seat together!  So it is a walker/stroller!  PERFECT for us!  

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my last post or not but we did get some blood results back and my count was significantly higher, which is a very very good thing!  We are so encouraged as that shows we are doing the right thing!  

Now I have 3 co-infections – Babesia, Bartonella and mycoplasma so we will really focus on those here too!  

Please pray for our girls!  We are doing more blood work on them in the next few weeks!  


1. We are going to Hilton Head with Billy’s family for the week! 

2. When we get back my sauna will be here!  Again thank you for helping us get this!  I cannot wait! 

3. God is our HEALER!  He is healing my body!  Still not there yet but soon and very soon! 

I have talked to a few other people that have been diagnosed with LD and feel very encouraged as several of them had tried everything and it seems that what we are doing is the best choice for chronic lyme disease!  

Thanks for all your love, support and continued prayers! 

Filled with a very happy and heavy heart, Ann 

P.S. The logo at the top of the blog is the logo that we have decided on and we are so happy and thankful to Amanda Sutt!  Also, we showed the trailer at the benefit and we will be putting in on here later today too! 




About letsfightlyme

First of all, I am blessed. I serve and love a God who gives me strength each day to keep going, provides all my needs, loves me and gives me HOPE each new day. I have an incredible best friend, my husband Billy who is fighting this battle with me daily. We have 2 beautiful girls that are our most incredible treasures to love and I have lyme disease.

One response to “BLOWN AWAY!

  1. Marcee Bennett

    You have wonderfully turned a negative into a positive by trying to inform and help others who suffer from Lyme disease. The Lord bless and keep you in His care. Love you Ann and Billy

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